• BL-960
  • BL-960
  • BL-960
  • BL-960


Product Specification:
  • Brightness : 2000 lumens
  • Contrast : 1500:1
  • Resolution: 960 x 576
  • LED Lamp&Bulb Life : Single LED, 20000 hours
  • Display Technology : TFT 5" single PV1050 LCD

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■ Product Description
Low Cost Led Lamp Technology
BRILENS knows that in today's economy, total cost of ownership is critical to your purchase decision. That is exactly why BRILENS designs projectors with low maintenance requirements and costs, to ensure low total cost of ownership. The BRILENS Led lamp obtains much long life than other brand projectors in the market. The lamp lasts min 20,000 hours and enjoys free maintenances in 5 years(under normal using condition).
Who needs a projector that has to change the lamp frequently?  

Energy Savings  

BRILENS BL-960 projector also consume less energy than most competitive models, helping you save on energy costs. It is designed with
energy saving features such as 28W Led Lamp(which is 1/5 energy consumption than other brands) and special lens&LCD constructions in
structure which will reach the 1500lumens in themost efficient way.

Easy Maintenance
Not only does BRILENS provide energy and cost saving features, BL-960 also makes maintenance easy by specially design full sealed working chamber which does not need dust clean. Unique design cooling system allows continuous long time working(more than 72 hours) without over heating. Instant start function allows fast transferring between On and Off in 10 seconds Even during long time working condition.

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