Active Shutter 3D technology


BRILENS model LS1300,LS1280,TH1280 support active shutter 3D.

3D imaging principle is to use two cameras to simulate the principle of the human eye to observe things, shooting two different views of the screen, in the play when the two eyes were to the output, it can be said that 3D shooting is not difficult, Technically there is no difference, the difficulty is how only two eyes can only watch the development of the screen.

Active shutter 3D technology, also known as time division shading technology or liquid crystal time-sharing technology, which is mainly achieved by the LCD eyes, and its glasses can be controlled in turn open / off the two LCD screen, the eyes LCD layer has two black and white state, usually shown as white that is transparent state, after power will become black. Through a signal transmitter, so that 3D eyes and the screen to achieve precise synchronization between.


The left and right eyes are turned off, the viewer sees the need to let the left eye see the picture, the right eye can not see anything. Play the right eye picture is the right eye to see the right picture, the left eye can not see the screen, so let the left and right eyes were to see their respective images, in order to achieve 3D stereo effect. This process alternates at least 120 times per second, the human eye can enjoy the coherent without flashing 3D images, so active 3D display technology requires the screen refresh rate of at least 120Hz.


Analysis on Advantages and Disadvantages of Active Shutter 3D Technology

Active shutter 3D technology has the advantages of less shadows, 3D effects, and the technology is relatively easy to achieve, the screen cost is low, whether it is TV, computer screen or projector, as long as the update frequency can meet the requirements, you can import this Technology, so now most of the market will soon be listed on the 3D products are basically using this technology.

But the shortcomings of the technology there are many, the first is the brightness greatly reduced, with this black film to join the 3D glasses, the actual brightness can be reduced by about half. Moreover, active shutter glasses by the LCD layer restrictions, the lens area can not do too much, for some people, especially those who wear glasses will be easy to see around the thick black box.

Active shutter 3D glasses have been in the high-speed open and close state, long time to watch is likely to cause the human eye fatigue, due to different frame changes in the intermittent time and individual differences, the degree of fatigue and brain fatigue speed is different , The most serious long-term viewing may cause vomiting and so on. In addition, because China's fluorescent lamps and other light-emitting equipment with the frequency of 3D glasses opening and closing different frequency, lighting equipment to watch a great impact on the 3D screen.

In addition, limited to the working principle of 3D glasses, but also cause the so-called "Crosstalk phenomenon", translated into Chinese is the "crosstalk phenomenon" that the opening and closing glasses and left and right images are fully synchronized, if not fully synchronized will produce two The image between the superposition, resulting in image blur, seriously affect the view, that is, crosstalk phenomenon.


When the angle is tilted, the 3D screen is not available

There is a viewing angle, because the LCD TV panel and 3D glasses are used LCD molecular material, because the deflection angle light transmission characteristics, wearing 3D glasses to watch 3D images can only watch horizontally, can not tilt, otherwise you can not enjoy 3D Effect, and even because of the LCD screen and 3D glasses liquid crystal molecules deflection angle through the conflict caused by black phenomenon.

Finally, the cost of glasses is too high shortcomings, the current market, the price of this active shutter-type 3D glasses are basically more than 1000 yuan, and various manufacturers launched 3D glasses and can not be universal, 3D glasses, whether the signal is received, or both LCD flashing is to consume power, so the active shutter glasses from time to time to charge. In addition, 3D glasses radiation problems can not help but, because the shutter-type 3D glasses for electronic equipment, the lens is made of the LCD layer, although the power is not large, but it will certainly produce radiation, coupled with glasses close to Eyes, prolonged wear may cause harm to the human eye.