Analysis of various types of projectors interface, perspective BRILENS TL1920 projector



The projector can be connected with audio-visual equipment, and can also be PC connection, so in the projector provides the interface, the two interface data will provide, today we will come to you to look at the popularity of the projector, those behind the interface function and common common sense. Today, our model is the interface of the full BRILENS TL1920 projector, let me take you together to dissect the machine.



 1.       HDMI and DVI interface

TL1920, a total of three HD input interface, two HDMI, a DVI interface. DVI (Digital Visual Interface) digital display interface, HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) refers to the high definition multimedia interface.

2.       VGA interface

Since the mention of VGA, I'm here for everyone under the popular science. Projector is a video output device, there will be a video interface. Currently on the projector, the most widely used and most mainstream video interface is the VGA interface, VGA full name Video Graphics Array, is a IBM in 1987, the use of analog signal computer display standards. VGA also known as D-Sub 15 pin interface, because its interface shape similar to the letter "D", hence the name. The D shape is designed to prevent the user from inserting in the connection, which is also known as the anti design. 

3.    YPbPr interface

YPbPr is also one of the most common interface in the projector, especially in the theater class home projection is more common.

YPbPriscolor difference component interface.Using the U.S. electronics industry association EIA-770.2a standard, there is an interface called YCbCr interface, the difference between them is that the former is the progressive scan color output, the latter is interlaced color output. The color difference of the output of the S-Video transmission of the chrominance signal C is divided into color difference Cr and Cb, so as to avoid the process of mixing the two color difference decoding and separation, but also to maintain the maximum bandwidth of the chrominance channel. And Y is the brightness signal. While the YPbPr interface is not a digital interface, it is still defined as an analog interface. YPbPr interface can use coaxial cable, you can use BNC head, you can also use the common lotus head as the interface standard.

YPbPr is based on the S-Video, the chroma (C) signal in the blue difference (b) and the red difference (R) separately from the most basic 480i to 720p, 1080i, etc.. Although the transmission effect is good, but it is still the transmission of analog signals. 

4.    RCA interface

RCA is one of the most common video interface, also known as AV or video interface standard interface, which consists of two pairs of white, red and yellow (Audio) audio video interface (Video) interface, which is known as the AV interface. RCA separate video and audio transmission, to avoid the mixed video and audio interference caused by the decline in image quality. But because the RCA interface is still a kind of brightness / chromaticity (Y/C) video signal mixing, still need to display light / color separation and color decoding in order to the imaging equipment, the process of mixing separation will inevitably result in the loss of color signal, chrominance signal and the luminance signal will have a great opportunity the mutual interference image thus affect the quality of the final output.

5.    RS-232 interface

RS-232 is also in the projector on a regular interface, widely used in the computer serial interface peripheral connectivity, signal function and delivery process. Through this interface, with the RS232 control code, the user can be controlled by the computer, tablet and other central control equipment projector.

6.    AUDIO IN/OUT interface

AUDIO IN/OUT is the connection speaker, media player.

7.    RJ45 interface

RJ45 interface, also known as LAN interface, TL1920 RJ45 interface can be wired network connection, through the control software to manage the projector, control, monitoring. 

8.    TV interface

TV interface also known as RF input 

9.    USB interfaceConnect USB storage.

In fact, strictly, the interface on the projector is not very much, many of which are also common interface. Mastered these interfaces, I believe we are connected to the projector, it will no longer feel unable to start.