Brilens LS1300 Projector
1 physical resolution is 1280*800, the original ratio of 16:9 
2 using a laser light source, light source life of 20 thousand hours, the brightness of 3500 lumens
3 high contrast 20000:1, projection range 50~250inch 
4 support shutter 3D, real experience 3D home theater
5 built in Android system, dual band WiFi, wireless Internet more stable, support mobile phone wireless connectivity and Bluetooth transmission function  6 using the zoom lens of 1.3 times, the fixed distance can be adjusted freely   7 input interface and function: USB2.0*1, USB3.0*1, HDMI*2, MIicro SD Card*1, VGA*1, video*1, *1, stereo headset stereo line input (including line output) *1, *2, RJ45*1, built-in speaker built-in player, electronic ladder school +/-40 degree
8 bare body size of about 250*170*52mm, a small easy to carry, can be equipped with mobile power projection can whenever and wherever possible  9 laser cooling, polymer materials, surface diffusion, so that the projector noise to a minimum
 Product managerMr.LiJie


Product managerMr.LiJie

Product manager comments: BRILENS L1300
projector uses a laser light source, the comprehensive advantages of the high pressure mercury lamp and LED projection projector, which solves the problem of short life of high-pressure mercury lamp also solves the problem of low LED projector brightness, whether commercial or household occasions can meet the needs of customers. This model is also built in the Android system, WiFi signal using dual band technology, the signal is more stable, faster, support for mobile phones with the same screen and Bluetooth transmission. The laser projection display technology can be the most authentic reproduction of the objective world rich, colorful color, providing a more shocking expression. From the point of view of chroma, laser display color gamut coverage can reach more than the human eye can identify the color space of 90%, is two times more than the traditional display color gamut coverage, lack of thorough breakthrough before the three generation display technology of color space, realize the human history the most perfect color, make people see the real through the display terminal the most beautiful world.



Product Engineer comments: BRILENS LS1300
projector is after CASIO, BenQ and other brands, non special products fourth mastery and application of laser projector, made the first application of laser light source; the world's first third generation laser LED hybrid light projection products, sealed optical system, free maintenance, no bare in the air of the color wheel system, no air directly to the optical system directly on the radiator system (such as fan blowing gas lamp wick). In addition to the outside of the lens, waterproof machine; the first domestic aerospace alloy material 3D printing precision optical engine, stop running coke, out of focus, defocus and other common defects; first solve commercial / home / portable solid light projector.



Customer comments: BRILENS LS1300
laser projector, a small, easy to carry, using a laser light source brightness is bright enough, home office more than sufficient, image is also very clear. Projector low heat, continuous play a few hours after the fuselage without any temperature, heat dissipation is very good, the noise is also within the scope of acceptance. With the Android system, WiFi wireless internet access, Bluetooth transmission, must solve the wiring troubles, support shutter 3D, stereo sense is very strong, but also with the mobile phone wireless connection projection, personally feel that this type is very good, cost-effective, worthy of recommendation.