Brilens Projectors with Japan PSE and TELEC Certificates


Brilens android projector model MN850W and model P850 have Japan PSE and Japan Radio Certificate TELEC. Japanese attaches great importance to the safety in their life, of course Electrical Safety has attracted much attention. There are many laws for importing products, for example, electrical products like projectors with PSE can be sold in Japan.

PSE stands for Product Safety Electrical Appliance & Material. The formal name is Denki Yōhin Anzenhō (電気用品安全法). DENAN is a mandatory national law administered by Japan’s METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry), which was formerly called the Electrical Appliance and Material Control Law (“DENTORI”). For electrical appliances such as DC Power Supplies exported to Japan, the DENAN “DENAN symbol” approval is required.

TELEC certificate, also called MIC certificate, is a mandatory certificate for products with WIFI and Bluetooth or other radio function. TELEC(Telecom Engineering Center) is a main register organization, so it is called TELEC certificate.

Japan PSE and TELEC Certificates