History of BRILENS company


2003 - Company established.

2004 - Debut the 1st model projector of the company.

2006 - Debut the model GQX680. Making progress in improving the clarity and brightness of the 1xLCD projector.

2007 -Move the manufacturing to Changsha High-Tech Development Zone.

2008 - Debut the 1st LED projector of the company. And become the 1st LED projector manufacturer in China.

2010 - Debut model TL1920, the world 1st 3xLED + 3xLCD projector with Full HD resolution.

2013-Start working in Laser light, Laser+LED hybrid light source projector.

2015 – Debut the 1stsmart Laser+LED Hybrid projector in CES 2015.

2015 - Registered the ‘BRILENS’ brand in United States.

2016 - Debut the 1st 2K resolution 3xLCD Home Cinema projector model TL-2K of BRILENS in the 120th Canton Fair.