How to buy a really suitable smart micro projector?


Choose a suitable intelligent micro projector, as long as grasp some key elements is enough.

So, what is the key factor in the purchase of an intelligent micro projector?

First, the brightness: just right

To tell the truth, do not touch the projector, simply do not know what brightness. Now understand that the so-called "Brightness" refers to the light output of the projector, the luminous flux (light feeling energy in unit time to radiate the space around the eye) to said unit is the lumen.

The higher the brightness of the projector, the more bright the image on the screen is, the clearer the image is. However, the eye can perceive the image bright degree not only depends on the brightness of the projector, but also closely related to environmental light intensity, image size, ambient light is strong, the brightness of the image visual perception is dim, the larger the size, the lower the perceived brightness.

Therefore, a suitable intelligent micro projector, brightness is not the higher the better, but according to the ambient light, use the occasion of the projection size need to choose, select the appropriate brightness of the product is more important than the simple pursuit of high brightness.

The following is a different brightness, ambient light, the choice of the size of the projection, for reference:

100 lumens below, recommended maximum projection 50-60 inches (night), about 20 inches (day)

250 lumens or so, it is recommended that the maximum projection of about 80 inches (at night), about 40 inches (day)

500 lumens or so, it is recommended that the maximum projection 120-150 inches (night), about 60 inches (day)

2rd, resolution: Spotted standard resolution

In the attention of intelligent micro projector before, I never pay attention to the resolution, after all, now LCD TV frequently 2K or 4K, whether it is the clarity of the image or the details are very good, do not need to care too much. However, the resolution of the smart micro projector from a low 852x480p to a more general 1280*720p/1280*800p to 1920*1080pto this year before the emergence of the 1920*1200 2k, if you do not know the importance of resolution, it is easy to choose the wrong.

The resolution of the projector can you see more clearly, in fact, is a projection image composed of countless small bright spot, the higher the resolution, the more points, the picture is more clear, want to see the details of a picture, but no resolution is too low.

In addition, we must find out the difference between the standard resolution and the maximum resolution. The standard resolution is the real resolution of the projector, and the maximum resolution is only the projector can support the resolution of the external device, that is, most of the products are marked by the compatible resolution.

Most of the market is the standard resolution of intelligent micro projector is 1280*720p/1280*800p, which is not so high for the image details of the user, it is enough. It is understood that the current smart micro projector up to 1080p resolution, but only a handful of brands to achieve the latest products.Brilens new 2k projector TL2K debut in 121th canton fair.

3rd, color gamut: wider color more bright

Color gamut range, which is actually very easy to ignore the ring, even professionals, will not be so concerned, not to mention the average user. However, not only for the projector, color gamut is a very important parameter for all display devices, the wider color gamut, indicating that the display device can show the true color of the plot closer to nature.

At present, the common display, LCD TV, traditional TV, projector bulb color in general 60--90%NTSC, RGB (sequential) LED projector color gamut 80---130%NTSC in general, of course, because of the brand color processing technology is different, different intelligent micro projector color gamut range will be different, most of the current intelligent mini projector color gamut at about 95%NTSC.

BRILENS projector use RGB LED technical is 128%NTSC


4th, contrast: the bigger the better

Household intelligent mini projector contrast is of course better, the higher the contrast, image display will be more clear, the color will be more vivid picture of the effect will be better, on the contrary, the screen will show the gray feeling, and now the contrast in 1 even the ultimate 20000.

5th, the projection ratio: according to space choice

The projection ratio, the ratio between the projection distance and the projected screen width, determines the size of the projection screen under the same projection distance. Because of the image projected by the intelligent micro projector is not as fixed as the TV set, it will change with the distance of the machine according to the distance of the curtain.

In the limited space for a larger place, must fully consider the big picture you want, and the distance of the projection, in order to choose a suitable projection than the machine, otherwise if the space is too small, the projection machine bought is too large, will lead to the large size of the screen can not be projected, influence the viewing effect.


6th, built-in system: stability must be better

The magic of intelligent micro projector is that they mostly built Android intelligent system, and some of the built-in Windows system, so it has a TV box function, also can be like a mobile phone to install massive applications, wireless internet access, web browsing, online video, games and other functions.

7th, heat and noise

And the choice of TV is different, in the selection of projectors, heat and noise problems are also very important. Thermal stability is the stability of the operation of the machine, it is understood that the current smart micro projector cooling will not be too bad, and this part of the experience is more affected by noise, so it is very important to mute. Otherwise, the sound of the fan, will make you feel tired.

At the time of the purchase, must start to experience, I have found through experience, even the same brand of different types of machines, heat and noise will also have very big difference, especially high configuration machines in this area need to do better.


8th, the system configuration: the higher the better

For the system hardware configuration, of course, no one will abandon it too high, whether it is CPU, GPU or system memory, the higher the better, this is the voice of all users. Even people who do not understand it, the high representative of the configuration is more smooth, more stable, just like a cell phone or computer, the pursuit of high hardware configuration and a lot of people, and often the system configuration can also determine the purchase intention.

Intelligent micro projector system configuration, at least four core, 1G/8G collocation, up no cap.


9th other

In addition, in the purchase of intelligent micro projector, we should also pay attention to whether it has dual band WiFi, built-in Bluetooth, automatic / electric focus, built-in battery, built-in speakers, multi screen interactive functions.


Really, buy a smart micro investment is not like buying projector LCD TV so easy, need to refer to and pay attention to many aspects, the technical parameters are relatively complicated, especially because of not so high popularity of smart mini projector, many basic functions of our ordinary consumers do not understand, so before buying to put these key points to understand clearly, understand the products used in the effects of these parameters, it is best to experience, so buy back before they can't regret.