How to Maintain Brilens Projector?


Projector is a kind of precision electronic products, so it is more delicate during use. Taking proper care of the projector can greatly prolong its lifespan and can make sure that it will always perform at its optimal level. The following are some common senses of projector maintenance, so that we can maintain our projector better.


 1. Correct Locations for the Projector
   Thoroughly read the manufacturer’s manual recommendation to know where the proper places and locations to install the unit are. Never place the projector directly in sunlight or directly next to a heatsource. If the projector is mounted on the ceiling, make sure that the projector is not directly next to a heat vent or an air conditioning unit, and do not use the projector in smoke-filled rooms as this greatly increases the chance of damaging the projector optics.
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2. Avoid Strong Impact, Extrusion and Vibration
   The strong impact can cause displacement of liquid crystal, so the RGB color does not coincide. Finally the image projection effect will be affected. Moreover, under the impact of the lens will cause damage to the track, causing the lens to lock, or even broken lens can not be used.

Brilens Projector in  Hair Salon


3. Switching Frequency Can Not Be too High

    There is a “breakdown” danger which exist in the switch action of many electronic components, that is why we use the computer to avoid frequent switching it. So we can not switch the projector frequently to avoid the circuit shocked by the frequent current or voltage.


4. Using Lens Cover to Shade the Projection Light Can Not Be too Long

   We may be able to take a break while using the projector, but we don’t want to turn off the projector, then we often using lens cover to shade the projection light. One thing need to note that do not do that a long time, cause the heat of the projection light will be blocked in the lens. It will damage the lens and the optics after a long time.