In-depth analysis of DLP and 3LCD technology


 DLP technology



DLP projection works by the light bulb emitted by the light, after homogenization, let it through a color wheel (ColorWheel), color wheel will be divided into three colors RGB (or RGBW and other more colors), and points After the color of the light and then projected by the lens in the DMD chip, and finally by the DMD chip to complete the projection screen action, color combination, after reflection on the projection screen imaging.

DLP advantages:

1. the original contrast is high

2. small size

3. high brightness

4. convergence high, the edge of the image is not easy to red, green


3LCD technology



3LCD projection technology is the principle of the first use of the projector within the dichroic mirror to light the white light is broken down into R (red), G (green), B (blue) three colors (light three primary colors) light, then three The color beam needs to pass through the R, G, B three-color LCD panels, respectively. In this process, the control unit controls the color and shape of the projection screen by controlling the opening and closing of the LCD panel circuit. Finally, these "colors, actions, shapes" converge through the prism, resulting in the projection Screen to see the image.


3LCD advantages:

1. color reproduction accuracy

2. light, easy to install

3. there are lens shift.