Invitation to Visit BRILENS Projectors in Canton Fair in October, 2016

Welcome to Visit Brilens Projector in Canton Fair in Oct. 2016
Welcome to Visit Brliens  

     You’re invited to visit Brilens 's booth in 120th Canton Fair,2016

 Booth F42,Hall 4,1st Floor,China Import and Export Fair Complex( Oct. 15 to 19,2016     

BRILENS,since 1999 is specialized in R&D,manufacturing and sales of cost effective 3LCD,Laser and LED projector with high standard quality and long lifetime.

We are looking for reliable distributors or agents for our products in overseas market, and hope we will have opportunity to start our mutual business together.

                                                       Welcome to meet us in Canton Fair!

BOOTH NO. : 4.1F42
                                                            DATE:15-19 Oct. 2016
                                           VENUE:China Import and Export Fair Complex
                                        (No. 380, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou,China)
                                                     THE 120TH CANTON FAIR,2016
Booth Location Reference:     
Hall General Map

Booth Location Map
   We look forward to meet you in Canton Fair during that period!

   And if you need any support during your stay in China, 
   you can contact me as follows:

    +8613548782661 Winnie   
   World First R.G.B 3 LED + 3 LCD HD 1080P 

* Great image quality —WXGA (1920 X 1080)
— Resolution 1080p
 * 3x Brighter Colors with Epson
 * Brightness: 3800 lumens
 * Long-lasting, RGB 3LED Hybrid Light Source
    — up to 50,000 hours
 LS1280 World 1st Portable Smart  HD Laser Projector

 * Great image quality —WXGA (1280 X 800) resolution
 * DLP 3D Ready
 * Brightness: 3800 lumens
 * Long-lasting, Laser & LED Hybrid Light Source
    — up  to 50,000 hours
 * Wirelessly project from iPhone®, iPad®, &  
    Android TM mobile devices
 * Andriod system 
 TH1280 2016 Brilens Short Throw New Model Debut

 * Short throw LED Smarter Projector
 * Great image quality —WXGA (1280 X 800)               
   Resolution,support 1080P
 * DLP 3D Ready
 * Brightness: 3500 lumens
 * Long-lasting, LED Hybrid Light Source
,up to 50,000    hours
 * Wirelessly project from iPhone® & iPad® &
    Android TM mobile devices

 * Android system 

 EL1280 Cost effective for Home Cinema&Education 

* Great image quality —WXGA (1280 X 800) resolution 
 * Long-lasting, high performance led — up to 20,000 hours 
 * Wirelessly project from iPhone®, iPad®, & AndroidTM mobile services
 * Android system      

 BL960 Cheap for Home Cinema Entertainment


* Great image quality —SVGA (960 X 576) resolution 
 *Long-lasting, high performance led — up to 20,000 hours   

 MN800  Brilens Cheap Mini Portable LED Projector


* Mini Pocket LED Projector
* Native 800 X 480 resolution,support Supports 720P,1080P
*Long-lasting, high performance led up to 20,000 hours   


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Tel: +86-731-84770162        Fax: +86-731-84770164
Address: No.426,Hunan International Commerce Centre,Jintai Square,Changsha,Hunan,China