Laser +LED hybrid light source projector


The laser technology in the transition phase of LED light source, a combination of the two techniques vacated born. The new light source of laser +LED, which has the characteristics of long life and wide color gamut of two kinds of light sources, achieves high brightness and more environmental protection.

Laser +LED hybrid light source technology is red (high brightness red LED), green (blue laser into a green phosphor by) and blue (blue tricolor laser), DLP chip through projection, can not use high pressure mercury lamp and realize high brightness projection. Compared with the traditional projection bulb, one of its biggest advantages is to have a long life. A new hybrid light source by laser combined with LED, can make the life of the projector light source up to 30000 hours, is 5-6 times of ultra high pressure mercury lamp light source service life. Compared to the need to replace the bulb projector, reducing maintenance costs and use costs. In a long period of time, the brightness attenuation is not obvious, and the image quality can be maintained for a long time. Laser +LED hybrid light source will be the combination of the advantages of the two, but also can create excellent color rendering performance, so that color rendering more bright, gorgeous. Each detail and outline can be clearly reproduced, can provide users with realistic, delicate color and image effects, the display effect to enhance the essence.

Brilens LS1280 debut in 2015. It is the world 1st smart Laser +LED hybrid light sourceprojector.

Now Brilens LS1300 debut and further enhances the brightness. Welcome to the world's projector dealers contact us.