LED new light projection technologycharacteristics and analysis part one


About LED light source

In the field of projector, LED light source has the advantages of long life, wide color gamut, low power consumption and so on, which has incomparable advantages over traditional light sources. Therefore, it is necessary for us to understand the LED light source technology. In the flat-panel TV market, LED backlight has replaced the "HD" and "multi speed drive" has become synonymous with a new generation of technology.

What is the LED

LED, also known as "light emitting diode", , which has been used in the field of display and lighting. In early 2006, BRILENS pioneered by LED light source projector GQX680, but then LED light source technology is not yet mature, brightness can reach tens of lumens

The body of LED is an electroinducedluminescent semiconductormaterials, in which both ends with forward voltage, cathode current flows from the LED anode, semiconductor crystals on the issue from the ultraviolet to infrared light of different colors, but the current is stronger, more intense luminescence. Because the light emitting principle of it is different from traditional UHE, UHP light source, so the LED light source with long service life, theory of life up to 50000 hours, and in the process of light emitting less heat, low power consumption, meet the requirements of today's society on energy conservation and environmental protection.


               RGB tricolor LED and white LED

As a new light source projector, LED light source can be divided into RGB LED and white LED, which RGB LED also called LED by color, red, green and blue color image processing, has the best optical properties, excellent color performance, the perfect alternative color wheel and projection lamp in DLP projector bulb; white LED RGB LED for simplifying the structure of the optical engine, the color filter built in micro display chip, to achieve a variety of colors, with low cost, easy production and other characteristics.

If the application of LED light source will change the traditional architecture, component RGB LED chipset and driver can replace DLP (monolithic) color wheel and projection lamp projector in LED, and the reaction rate is about 20 times faster than the traditional color wheel, not only to enhance the accuracy of color reduction, but also to be able to completely eliminate the "Rainbow" phenomenon. At the same time, because there is no projection of the bulb's high heat problem, LED projector can be like the operation of ordinary household electrical appliances as the open and close, without preheating and cooling.

Although the white LED has the advantage in the cost, but the color performance and the use of three color LED light source of the LED projector, there is a more obvious difference. But in terms of products, because the micro projector LCOS and white LED collocation development has the advantages of low cost, easy production, high brightness, and therefore more likely to cut into the low-end market in popularity.