NEW 1080P DLP will debut 2017?


 Review 2016, micro projector market can be used to describe the development of blowout New products continue to appear on the market, new functions are constantly added, so that consumers clearly realize the "little boy" contains unlimited possibilities. It is precisely because of the rapid development of micro projector, many of its own shortcomings and shortcomings are gradually exposed. Although miniature projector, but the brightness is difficult to reach the height of the minds of consumers, although several new products last year has reached nearly 1000 lumens, but most still remain at several hundred lumens. Another point is that the resolution of themicro projectorhas not improved much in the past year. In this era where 1080P is everywhere and 4K begins to gain popularity, the micro projection market has only a few of them reaching the resolution of 1080P, which is not enough to see.


For micro projectors, the resolution is directly related to the built-in chip. As a micro chip market monopoly, the United States TI chip research and development and update is still very fast. As early as 2015, the U.S. TI released a full HD 1080P chip, but not in the micro gain popularity, in contrast to the past two years, there are only a few micro voting using this chip. A variety of chip DLP 1080P chip is the reason why this has not been the main reasons for the popularity or cost, because the 1080P chip prices are too high, if the manufacturers choose to use this chip, then price at least usd700, which is somewhat contrary to the main theme micro projector at. Therefore, under comprehensive consideration, many micro - Investment manufacturers do not use this high-definition chip on their new products. The maximum resolution of the focus and not a lot of attention of consumers, the opposite is the main obstacle brightness has restricted the development of the micro projector, so to enhance the resolution, many manufacturers are not the first time to keep up with.


It is reported that the United States TI DLP introduced the latest 0.33 inches 1080p resolution DLP Pico chip, compared to the previous release of 0.47 inches, greatly reducing production costs. This chip enables micro projectors to achieve full HD resolution, enhance the market competitiveness of portable entertainment projectors, and enhance the competitiveness of DLP products in the high-definition video competition. 0.33 inches 1080p resolution DLP Pico chip is the latest product from DLP3310 digital micromirror device (DMD) and DLPC3437 controller, which is by far the size 1080p resolution DLP chip set projection minimum solutions for mobile intelligent projection, battery powered type small projector, home entertainment projector, projection TV, and the living room digital signage display solutions and industry solutions, realize the upgrading of products. Because of its smaller size, its cost will be lower. In fact, TI long ago had this approach, once 1080P chip size is very large, and then TI launched a small version, the price will be reduced a lot. This mini projector 1080P chip is smaller, which also indicates that TI is beginning to prepare for price reduction.


Editor comments: the new TI 1080P Full HD chip will set off a wave of storms in the micro projector market in the future, smaller size can also be seen in TI major breakthrough in technology, make this chip compared to before the chip cost is greatly reduced. The message says, the chip will be half a year of formal delivery in 2017, that is to say, the second half of this year, the popularity of micro investment market next year, the biggest surprise is that the resolution of the 1080P, I also hope this day could come as early as possible. With higher brightness, I believe that the micro projector industry can develop faster.