Quick Guide to Connect Android Dongle of BL960



1. Brfore you open the projector, please make sure you have cut off the power of the projector. It is good for safe.

2. Please take pictures of the original location of each part that you need to remove from different angles to help you remember and tell yourself to recover all the parts to its own location after you connected the android dongle.

Step 1:

Open two ports on the projector casing.

Step 2:

Cut Double-USB card board and TF card board for easy installation.


Step 3:

Install Double-USB and TF card board and glue fixing

Step 4:

Weld USB cable and TF card cable to the Android Dongle

Pay attention to the power cord on the Android Dongle

Step 5:

Connect HDMI adapter board to the motherboard through HDMI cable

Then connect HDMI adapter board to the Android Dongle

Step 6

Connect the power cord to the motherboard

Step 7:

Cover the casing: connecting key connection cable and original USB cable

Step 8:

Update the program