The Advantage of BRILENS Projector Compared with Epson Projector


Customer asked some questions as below:

  1. How would your products compare and/or compete with the quality and technology of these leading brands?

We are a manufacturer of projector and we have our own technical team.

BRILENS is not famous like Epson and Sony, but it doesn't means our quality is not good. About our quality, I believe you will trust us after you tested sample.

The main advantage of BRILENS projector is Maintenance-free optical system, you do not need to clean the dust.

LED lamp has much low power consumption and nearly 10x longer life than Bulb lamp under same using condition

Our led projectors using cold light source, so it can startup and shutfown instant.

We also have the price advantage than Epson’s model, even compare with the traditional mecury lamp models.

And the after service and lamp cost is a big advantage for led model.

  1. What is the warranty of your products?

 Warranty is 1 year for whole parts.

  1. How do we handle service issues or returns?

 We can send spare part to you to repair it or change a new one.

  1. Will you private label your projector for Reference?  Could we have some unique selling features that no one else offers?
Yes, we accept OEM.