The Application of Brilens Projector


Smart Series: It is often used for business, cause it uses Laser+LED hybrid light source which brightness has 3000-3500 lumens and the lamp life up to 30,000 hours.

Model LS1300 also can be used for outdoor advertising and TH1280 is a short throw projector which can be used for education.

LS1300 used for education

Laser projector for ad. 2

Titan Series: It uses 3LCD display device and often used for home video.

            The resolution of TL2K is 1920x1200 support 4K, it is a better choice for home video.

 TL1920 (9)

Eco Series: It is suitable for education market.

              The main point of this series is reasonable price.

entertainment projector


Mini Series: Mini Projector model and easy to carry which is often used for personal entertainment or gift.