The projector for office,school use which is below $180


As the developing of the market, more and more user need some projector which is highly efficiency, economic and low cost. Normally, low cost for most of the market demands means the retail price below USD$180.

Looking through the worldwide market, it is hardly find some projector model which is below the USD$180 for education or office users. Even check the range of resolution of 800x600 projectors, the lowest price of this range from BENQ or Epson always more than USD$200. Besides the cost of the new projector, more will be spent for the after service such as lamp changing, dust cleaning. After 1 year using, the after service could be even close to the cost of the new projector. That’s the core problem for most of the users who use the mercury lamps projector.

Brilens is being touched by more and more users who need a projector which is cheaper, lamps free and works longer. So Brilens invest more and more in order to build more models of the LED projectors. Such as the new model TL-2K for the high end home theater users.

The LED projector might be a better option for more and more users in this area. The LED projector provides the lower power consumption and longer life time of the lamps(Which is almost 10x longer than mercury lamp). Basically, the users don’t have to worry about the lamp cost when using LED projectors.With the advantage of the lower power consumption, the LED projector is more adaptable for the area which is lack of stable electricity support such as India.Lower power consumption and heat allows it works more stable and longer than the mercury lamp projectors. As the testing result, a LED projector can works even 7 days without shut down. That’s a good news for video game and movie fans.

By the development of the new technology of the LED, the LED projector becomes brighter and brighter every year but lower power consumption and better efficiency. It will play a more and more important role to the market of projectors day by day.

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Check the BRILENS model of EL1280 and BL960 for the cheaper and smarter choice of the new LED projectors.