Why Choose to Use Brilens Projector?


1. Brilens Led light source with its extremely long lifetime of 20,000 - 30,000 hours and low power consumption realizes exceptional cost performance compared with conventional mercury lamp projectors through savings on expenditures for lamp replacement and the associated labor and lost operating time as well as for electric power.

2. Built-in Android 4.4 system allows Multi-functional purposes from business to entertainment.

3. Brilens projector are full-sealed and dust-proof, so it is maintenance-free.

4. Cold light source and low temperature allows startup & shutdown instant, do not need to preheat.

5. 3LCD+3LED measures 3xhigher color brightness and 3xwider color gamut for clear, vibrant, true-to-life images.

6. Presentation and software stored in the internal memory (8GB) can be projected without a PC.

7. Wifi and RJ45 connection enables the free exploring of the internet and cloud resource.

Brilens TH1280 Projector

Brilens BL960 Projector

Brilens MN800 Projector