Why did I just put the projector in the living room and refuse the TV set?


Home theater can not be separated from display devices, and as early as more than 10 years ago, projectors have become the mainstream display device for home theater enthusiasts.

Why do they use projectors instead of TV sets? The main reason is that the screen size of the projector is much larger than that of the TV set, which can bring the visual impact and telepresence of the cinema.

Development today, home projector is not uncommon. Many people are running their own living room theater, all came running to ask me, the living room in the end still want to leave the TV?

I answered countless questions like that. So, I decided to write down this article to talk about it.

In fact, in the end whether to consider the living room inside the TV and projector coexistence, Guan Jian or look at your own habits.



Will the living room turn out the TV set?


The cinema has not been in the living room for many years. The reason is very simple. The movie king usually has two couples at home, plus one child at most.



In general, going home from work or watching movies, or using a computer, rarely watching TV programs, so the living room TV really useless.


From the use of scenes, television programs for me, there are two main functions:

First, in the restaurant, eat when you see;

Two, before going to bed, lying in bed, according to several remote browsing, or look at the most popular TV drama.

In the living room, more often than not, the projector is used directly to view the large screen. Whether it's connecting PS4 games or watching Blu ray movies, there's no need to install a TV in the living room.

But this situation applies only to the family members of the movie king. If you live with an old person in your family, the living room TV set is essential.

Because of the use of projectors, it is bound to require shading curtains, turn off the lights, creating a relatively dark environment.

This kind of environment for the elderly, easy bumps. At the same time, you let them use projectors and audio and a series of complex equipment, it is also very troublesome.

Therefore, the living room in the end do not leave the TV set, depending on your habits and home population, can not be generalized.


Advantages of projectors

Projector relative to the television, his advantage has never changed, and the core of two.

1, the absolute advantages of the size of the TV

Although the price of a 75 inch TV set is not expensive, you can buy a 100 inch TV set.

But what I want to say is that this size is too small for projectors.

Projectors are now 120 inches overhead for the living room, and if you are an independent audiovisual room, the usual size has reached between 130~200 inches. How big is it 75 inches? It's only 150 inches 1/4.

And to get a larger size, the projector put less than the TV, very much.


In a room like the one above, the TV is too small



2, do not hurt the eye

LCD TV is all the active light source display device, and projector is light reflection display device, which both from the watch mode is completely different.

The light source of the LCD TV comes from the backlight group, the light of the lamp group passes through the liquid crystal panel, and then illuminates into our eyes, so that we can see the picture. That is to say, the eye is the light source in direct view.

The projection screen is not like this. The light bulb of the projector provides the light source, but the light shines on the projection screen, and then the curtain reflects the light into our eyes, so I can see the picture.

And people can see objects in the environment, such as a cup, a table, because the surface reflects sunlight or lighting, so that we can see them. This is the same principle as we see in the projector screen.

If you still don't understand, I'll change it. The sun is the direct light, and the moon is the emission of light, you look into the sun and the moon with your eyes, and that is the difference between the television and the projector.

So even if you're just looking at a 75 inch TV set, you'll find your eyes more tired than looking at a 120 inch projection screen. The main reason is that you're staring at a 75 inch light group.

It is for this reason that you will hear the TV opportunity to bring up the Blu ray technology, which is called "no eye damage", and the projector never mention this thing, because the projector is a back motion display device, and there is no such trouble.


Written in the end

I don't know what you'll decide in the end, but for me, it's absolutely impossible for my living room to put up the TV set. Because I don't have the habit of watching TV programs in the living room!

But my lifestyle doesn't stand for everyone. If you have an old person in your family, you must have a TV set in your living room. Because it is necessary for the elderly living room supplies.


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