The 4K home cinema Bluetooth connect projector of BRILENS model TL-2K


BRILENS model TL-2K,the native 1920 x 1200 WUXGA enhanced 4K home theater projector, is equipped the built in Android 5.1 system and Bluetooth. It’s a 100% Bluetooth connect projector.

When building the home cinema system, most of the users would like to use the 5.1 stereo sound system to apply the high definition sound behavior.More and more users prefer the Bluetooth connection to avoid the complicated wires and cables on the ceiling. The Bluetooth connection gives users more convenience when setting up the projector as well.


When using the Bluetooth connection at the first time, select the menu of ‘Bluetooth’ in the system and turn it on. And you need turn on the Bluetooth of the other equipment for matching at the same time. The system will search and match the coordinated equipment automatically. Just select the name of the device of which you would like to connect, then the connection is done.


We didn’t design the infrared receiver on the BRILENS home theater projector model TL-2K.The reason is no matter how many receivers you build on the body of the projector( some projector set two points, front and back), it may not working well for different positions of the users.Instead of the failed operation sometimes, we use the Bluetooth connection for the controller as well.That makes you can operate the projector 100% wherever you stand or sit in the room. And the reaction speed of the Bluetooth is much more better than infrared receiver.


Check the BRILENS website link to look more information of the Home Theater projector model TL-2K:


Check the Youtube to search ‘BRILENS TL-2K’ to view the latest video demo.

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