Wireless Micro Projector Brilens P850 Quick Operation Guide


Wireless Micro Projector Brilens P850 Quick Operation Guide.



1.1 Package Overview


Projector x1


Adapter x1


USB cable x1


Bluetooth remote control x1


Manual x1

1.2   Interface Introduction



1.3 Remote


Bluetooth pairing mode

Press "ok" and "volume -" for 5 seconds, the

remote indicator light from flash to slow flash,

you can search the device


Remote control indicator status description

Bluetooth Pair mode: Fast blink

Infrared mode: four times blink when operating

Bluetooth mode: one time blink when operating


2.1 Turn on / off the projector


1. Turn on

Long press the power button for 5s, the device boot (Figure 1)


2. Turn off

Long press the power button 3s or long press the remote control

power button, the device shut down (Figure 1)


2.2 Focus / adjust brightness



Adjust the focus gear until a clear picture appears (Figure 2)


2. adjust brightness

In the main interface, select "Settings" - "show" - "brightness"



2.3 Pairing a Bluetooth remote control

Hold "OK" and "Volume" 5 seconds at the same time, then release.

Note: Controller should be worked within 15 feet.

Press the Back key to skip this step


Pairing method:

After entering the remote control pairing interface, long press "OK" key and "volume -" key of for 5

seconds, then release and wait until the connection is successful.



2.4 Connect to a Wi-Fi network

Press the Back key to skip this step


2.5 Operation of the main interface


2.6 How to update the software (local upgrade / online upgrade).


Local upgrade

1. By browser to download the firmware update in the product's official website

2. Copy the downloaded firmware update. zip file to the root directory of the U disk

3. U disk access to the machine, the system will prompt the firmware upgrade after


4. Click on Installation to perform firmware update


Online upgrade:

1Connect the device to the network;

2. Go to Settings - Generic - Online Update;

3. According to the prompt, click on the installation to update the firmware


2.7 How to charge

Connect the power adapter to the Micro USB charging connector (Figure 3 )

The power indicator red light is on, indicating that it is charging.

The power indicator blue light is on, indicating that charging has been


2.8 Operation of the main interfaceSpecifications

Note: The picture is for reference only, please prevail in kind